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Code Kaa
On an unknown island a young woman stood beneath a waterfall. The cold water poured down on her without stop, cool and refreshing. Kallen didn't move a muscle, with closed eyes she enjoyed every drop running down her athletic body. She didn't worry about being seen naked, it seemed she was the only one on this island she was stranded on.
What exactly happened?, she asked herself again and again. But just like before she realized that she wouldn't find the answer here, no matter how many times she repeated this question. She had to get off this island and regroup with Zero and the Black Knights, if they were still alive. No, she shouldn't think this way.
They are all right!, she reassured herself.   
After remaining motionless for some time she sighed and turned around, leaving the waterfall behind. On the way to her discarded clothes she wrung her soaked hair, while her bare feet left small footprints on the wet soil of the shore. She stepped into the shadow of the tree
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A snake in Konoha 9
The animals were already awake, lured out of their hideouts by the rising sun. She could hear some birds singing in the forest to her left. It was a familiar melody, something that has always been there whenever she went out on a mission or simply into the woods. The kunoichi never paid it much attention because it seemed so natural, so normal. She never cared about which kind of bird sang or how it looked. Was it big or small, black or white, did it gather in flocks or did it fly by itself?
Why am I thinking about something like that?!; she wondered.
Sakura walked down the road leading away from the hidden leaf village. The high walls of her hometown were already out of sight, concealed by the treetops and the forest itself. Her head was lowered, her eyes fixated on her feet. They seemed to move on their own and the young woman was nothing more than a passenger.  
It was strange. For every step she took a mixture of anticipation and regret was building up inside her but when
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Cold. Suddenly you feel so cold, but it is a refreshing coolness you drift in. It was strange for the first few seconds but now you…you…can't breathe!
You hastily open your mouth, but all it results in is a gurgling sound from you. Instinctively you rear up and feel how you break through something…a water surface.
You suddenly can breathe again and soak in the tasty oxygen with deep and long breaths. When you've finally calmed down you realize that you are cowering in a shallow pond, your hair [If you have any that is] and your clothes [You know, the sparse attire you got to choose last time] completely wet and dripping. But how did you get here? You look confused around and…remember that you are in the jungle. It wasn't a dream!
" Finally awakened hm?", you hear a voice above you and when you look up you see Kaa coiled around a thick branch with the rest of his large body hidden in the treetops.
" It wasn't…", you mumble puzzled, but are interrupted by the ser
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Meet'n Sleep
Where am I?!; is the first thing that goes through your mind after you've opened your eyes.
You're surrounded by huge trees and thick, green bushes. You blink perplexed, aren't you supposed to be [insert former whereabouts and occupation here] and now you're in this vast jungle, for that is what you have confirmed.
You can hear the sounds of distant and nearby animals, the rustling of plants on the ground and leafs high above your head. And then the heat hits you. It is a dry heat that makes it hard to breath for the first few seconds. The air seems to be thick around these parts, almost like you can cut it with a knife…but you have no knife with you. In fact, all you are wearing is [insert sparse clothing here].
How the hell did this happen?!
You are confused, but strangely not afraid. There has to be an explanation why you're here.
After some more wondering inspection of your new environment you decide that there is no point in just standing around. Driven by curiosity you start
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Mature content
A snake in Konoha 8 :iconsaieth:Saieth 32 13
A snake in Konoha 7
Carefully Naruto bedded Hinata's head on his pillow, right next to Ino's. He made a step back and looked at the two kunoichi lying in his bed. Both looked so peaceful and what happened just a few moments ago seemed like a surreal dream.
Suddenly the genin became light headed and he staggered, he had to lean against the wall so he wouldn't lose his balance. The effects of what both did to him still lingered and only Hinata's last words seemed to keep him on his feet.
He couldn't get those two words out of his head and the image of the exhausted Hyuga fighting not to black out made him worry even more.
When he felt fit enough to stand on his own again, he was ready to head out. Before he left the room however he turned one last time around and looked at his unconscious comrades.
" Don't worry, I'll save her."
Then he left.
" KAA!", Neji yelled, but his warning came too late.
Lady Tsunade was between Kaa, Shizune and the Anbu so fast that t
:iconsaieth:Saieth 34 6
A snake in Konoha 6
The night air was cool but pleasant and the almost full moon bathed the sleeping village in its silvery light. It was a peaceful silence, only interrupted now and then by the barking of a dog or the typical sounds by some nocturnal animals.
On a rooftop in the middle of the city a young man dressed almost completely in white, with long brown hair and pale eyes, stepped out of the shadows. The veins around his eyes were swollen and his gaze seemed to pierce the darkness of the night itself.
" The path is clear.", he said to someone behind him.
And just a few seconds later, a long and massive entity slithered out of the blackness. It was just like earlier when Neji had freed Kaa from captivity and guided him to the mansion of the Hyuga clan. The jonin would scout the area in front of them and the python would follow as soon as the coast was clear.
" How much further isss it?", Kaa asked, as he looked at Neji.
" We'll be there shortly.", the ninja replied as he kept staring into the dista
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Mature content
A snake in Konoha 5 :iconsaieth:Saieth 30 12
A snake in Konoha 4
" Will she be all right?", was the first thing she heard.
Where am I?; Tenten asked herself.
Everything seemed to spin inside her head. Her limbs felt heavy as she tried to move.
" We couldn't find any external damages or wounds. Whatever caused her to act the way you described has to be an inside problem. We will make some tests later."
Who is talking?; Tenten could hear the voices, but they were blurry. It took some time until they made any real sense.
" Isn't there anything you can do now?"
Tenten opened slowly her eyes. Everything was nebulous at first, but her vision quickly began to clear. She looked at a sterile white ceiling.
" Look! She's coming to."
Several faces entered her field of vision. She knew them.
" Are you all right Tenten?", asked the face framed in pink hair.
" Sa-…Sakura?"
" Thank goodness.", Sakura said relieved.
" Where am I?"
" In the hospital.", said a blond man.
" Naruto?"
What was going on? Why was she in the hospital? Tenten tried to sit up, but faile
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Mature content
A snake in Konoha 3 :iconsaieth:Saieth 33 7
A snake in Konoha 2
A snake in Konoha Part 2
It was early morning. The sun had completely driven away the dark of the night. At the main gate of the village hidden the leafs two chunin awaited the first travellers.
Kotetsu's head was resting on the table of the check-in station, his eyes were closed. One would think he was asleep until he let out a big yawn.
" Would you stop that?", Izumo complained, who was sitting right next to his comrade.
" Yawns are very…", than he had to yawn himself.
" Great. You got me again."
Kotetsu laughed, but with his cheek on the table it sounded more like coughing.
" I'm sorry, it's just so damn early and I would rather be in my…", then he yawned again.
Izumo tried to suppress it, but he couldn't. Yawns are just too contagious.
" I should get us some coffee.", he said when he was finished.
" I don't drink coffee."
" Me neither, but this has to stop."
He was about to get up when he heard something outside of the village, heading their way. He leaned forward to get
:iconsaieth:Saieth 34 2
A snake in Konoha
It was a warm summers day evening, the orange sun was about to set and vanish behind the mountains to the north. The trees and the grass shone in a luscious green and here and there a single ray of light pierced through the thick leaf canopy.
A squirrel swiftly climbed down the trunk of a tree when it spotted a tempting find on the ground. It picked up the nut and started to gnaw at it. It did so for several seconds, when it suddenly stopped and looked up in alarm. It sniffed and wiggled its ears as a rumbling sound closed in.
Scared it dropped the nut and hurried up its tree. Between the trunks appeared a cloud of dust which headed right to this place accompanied by that energetic scream.
It stopped, the dust vanished and someone dressed in a green bodysuit with black hair and huge bushy eyebrows raised triumphant his arms.
" I came in first!"
" I'm sorry Lee but I have to disappoint you."
Lee turned around and found himself
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Mature content
Prelude :iconsaieth:Saieth 26 8
About kunoichis and a snake 4
About kunoichis and a snake part 4
Sakura was finally able to sit up, leaning against the stump of a big tree. Judging by the pain in her back a tree she fell off. While recovering her strength she tried to remember what happened. It was all a blur until she heard an exclaiming "Finally!" on the other side of the tree. She peeked around the stump and saw Ino and Hinata lying on the ground, and a snakehead hovering over her companions, mumbling something she couldn't understand. Than he glared at the treetop above her with a sinister smile and started moving towards it.
Her heart seemed to stop when she put two and two together. The kunoichi touched her wet hair. The awkward smelling liquid wasn't water, she had gathered that much already. It was too mucous and thick. And now she knew why.
I…I was almost eaten…; she thought shocked.
I was about to be swallowed alive.
All her training, all her experience seemed to be forgotten. The simple notion of being eaten alive froze her b
:iconsaieth:Saieth 52 21
About Kunoichi's and a snake3
About Kunoichi's and a snake part 3
Sleep; whispered a gentle voice in her head. A voice she knew she could trust without any doubt. She didn't know where it was coming from, who spoke to her and why, all she felt was the urge to obey every order that was given so that this feeling would never end.
She was floating in a blissful pool of joy, experiencing a relaxation she never thought was possible. What happened? What started all this and what was happening to her right now? None of these questions mattered. The wish to simply let go has overwhelmed her as she was drifting further away. She didn't care. She was happy now, happy to follow the seductive colors into a soothing darkness. She wanted to sleep, to simply lie down.
The moon was up high, bathing everything in its silvery light. A campfire flickered near the shore where a large snake had finally cought his prey in a young shinobi.
Sakura Haruno was on her knees, wrapped up in a cocoon of coils from her hips up to her neck. Her e
:iconsaieth:Saieth 52 8
About Kunoichis and a snake 2
About Kunoichi's and a snake Part 2
„ Sakura wait.", Ino gasped. Her right thigh was bandaged and completly soaked red.
" Hinata needs a break."
The dark haired Shinobi rested trembling against a tree as the three Kunoichi stopped again. She held her right side, blood was pouring through her hand.
" Damn, the wound opened again.", Sakura cursed and kneeled next to the now sitting Hyuga. She removed her gloves and touched the deep red stain on the clothes of her companion. Her hands started to glow blue but the light became weaker by the second.
Ino looked at the scene with a worried gaze.
" We need to take a longer break and tend to her wound the old fashioned way. Even your powers have reached it's limit."
" I told you before we need to reach the springs first. We can clean the wound there and might find a better hideout than this jungle here."
After a short silence she added.
" And maybe we can sleep more than one or two hours."
Ino wasn't pleased with the answer.
" Damn it Saku
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